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Ski / Snowboard Rental

Check Out Our Daily or Seasonal Rental Programs

Stress less and ski or board more than ever before with our daily or seasonal rental programs. Our rental process is a cinch and we offer a variety of gear for you to mix and match to you or your family’s needs. Leave your worries behind and take advantage of our new, used, junior or boot only rental packages. Give us a call or visit us in store to chat with one of our specialists today!

Daily Rental Rates

1 Day2 Days3 Days4 DaysWeekly
Ski Package$45$80$120$160$200
Jr. Package$35$60$90$120$150
DEMO Ski$60$110$150$175$225
Ski Only$35$60$90$120$150
Adult Boot Only$25$40$60$80$100
Damage Waiver$5$6$7$8$10

Seasonal Lease Rates

AdultSeason Rental Rate
Ski Package$270
Ski Package w/ New Skis$320
Snowboard Package$270
Snowboard Package w/ New Board$320
Boot Only$110
Used Ski/Board Only$210
New Ski/Board Only$250
Damage Waiver$30
YouthSeason Rental Rate
Ski Package$170
Ski Package w/ New Skis$220
Snowboard Package$170
Snowboard Package w/ New Board$220
Boot Only$65
Used Ski/Board Only$120
New Ski/Board Only$160
Damage Waiver$20