Zipp Tangente Butyl Tube: 700 x 20-28mm, 37mm Aluminum Presta Valve

Zipp Tangente Butyl Tube: 700 x 20-28mm, 37mm Aluminum Presta Valve

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Item Details & Specs

The Zipp Tangente butyl tubes are designed to meet the needs of a new era of road riding that includes adventures aboard wider tires. The tube’s 0.60mm thickness is optimized for durability.

  • 37mm valve stem length
  • Lightweight aluminum valve body with removable Presta valve core
  • For use with Zipp Tangente Aluminum Knurled Valve Extender
  • 0.60mm thick to optimize durability
  • When installing Zipp Tangente tubes (37mm valve stem) on Zipp wheels, the following valve extender is recommended: PU9911, 27mm (1 gram) for 303 model wheels
    PU9912, 41mm (2 g.) for 404 models
    PU9913, 65mm (4 g.) for 808 models
    PU9914, 91mm (6 g.) for 1080 models
  • Weight: 72g


  • Model #: K4984
  • Model Name: Tangente Tube
  • Labeled Size: 700 x 20-28
  • ISO Width (mm): 25mm
  • ISO Width (mm): 26mm
  • ISO Width (mm): 27mm
  • Valve: Presta Short 32-40mm
  • ISO Width (mm): 20mm
  • Weight: 90g
  • Tube Compound: Butyl
  • Shaft Type: Smooth
  • ISO Width (mm): 21mm
  • Valve Core: Removable
  • ISO Width (mm): 22mm
  • ISO Diameter: 622 / Road / 29"
  • ISO Width (mm): 23mm
  • ISO Width (mm): 24mm
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UPC: 710845778544

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