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BROAM | 60 Same durable aluminum frame and carbon fork combination as its pricier siblings. Built with a high-value selection of components designed for countless miles of epic rides.
BROAM | 30 Our best adventure road bike ever. Rugged and versatile aluminum frame paired with a carbon fork. Ready for any adventure you seek out. Whether it’s pushing the boundaries of carbon fiber construction or revolutionizing aerodynamic development, we’re proud of the work we’ve put in over the decades, but we’re never truly satisfied with what’s come before. Sure, we’re always keen to better our competitors in the realms of innovation, but, more importantly, we’re committed to self-improvement. After all, isn’t bettering yourself one of the greatest things about riding a bike? So beyond the broad strokes of technological developments, when it comes to creating a truly stellar bicycle, it’s all about the details. And we’ve made a habit out of sweating the details for over thirty years, because when you obsess over every element of improving the riding experience, you'll end up with a bike that is much more than the sum of its parts. Here’s a list of some slightly less unheralded yet incredibly thoughtful features you’ll find on several models of Felt bikes.
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