Nemo Equipment, Inc. Switchback 20S Sleeping Pad: 20" x 52" Sunset Orange

Nemo Equipment, Inc. Switchback 20S Sleeping Pad: 20" x 52" Sunset Orange

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The Nemo Switchback features hexagonal nodes, which are molded with a dual-density Axiotomic™ foam to create Hypnoelastic™ zones that conform to your body in a perfect balance of comfort and support.. Switchback™ also leverages a metalized thermal film layer to efficiently reflect heat back to your body. Blend that with 15% more heat-trapping space, this new innovative design is able to deliver a warmer, more comfortable sleep .

  • Highly-efficient, hexagonal nesting pattern allocates more space for taller, wider nodes, providing significantly greater plushness
  • More precise tooling eliminates wasted space between folded layers, enabling taller nodes to nest tighter for a smaller packed size
  • Taller nodes create more space for uncompressed sleeping bag insulation, trapping more warmth around your body
  • Premium dual-density Axiotomic foam offers a supple layer for comfort and a resilient layer for support
  • Folding panel design allows for lightning-fast, easy set up and packing


  • Model #: MNEMO46
  • Model Name: Switchback Pad
  • Width: 20ins
  • Color: Orange
  • Thickness: .9ins
  • Length: 52ins
  • Pad Type: Closed Cell Foam
  • Packed Size: 20.0 x 5.0 x 5.5 inins
  • Gender/Age: Unisex
  • Weight: 14.5 ozoz
UPC: 814041018340

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